Thursday, January 23, 2014

Colour me Turquoise

The Beaconsfield Quilters Guild has issued a challenge and I have accepted.  The goal is to have a "Cascade of many colours" which will be made up of quite a number of quilts (24 or so) and each will be 16"x36".  My colour is turquoise which I found very difficult to match.  Nothing in my commercial stock would do, so I began dyeing.  I have some very old dye from my days in England that now produces a pretty but pale turquoise, so I bought some from Dharma and ProChem and G&S Dyes in Toronto.  Only one actually made the right colour, but I was able to use the others in a variety of ways.

 And below is the top, yet to be quilted.  The light turquoise was screened over so it wouldn't be quite so bright.