Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rocky Mountain Express

We went this morning to the IMAX production of the Rocky Mountain Express.  It's the only showing planned for Montreal at the moment and was well worth the visit.  The movie, by Stephen Low was a labour of love.  He had been a volunteer at Exprail, and the showing was a fund raiser for the movie.  It describes the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway through the mountains and the difficulty in selecting a path for the railway.  Fantastic aerial photography as well as artsy views from cameras mounted on the locomotive itself.

The trailer for it can be found at: but if you get a chance to see it in the theatre it's well worth the 45 minutes of your time.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

le Massif

We had a glorious two days at Le Massif, a ski hill east of Quebec City.  The weather and the conditions couldn't have been better.  When you arrive at the hill, unlike most others, you are at the top.  And this is the scene that you see just as you have put your skis on and moved forward!  It's almost like an infinity pool, giving you the illusion that you are going to ski right into the river.

 Me.  You can't see the look of fear on my face as I realize the hill is going to get steeper!  My thighs got a good workout just trying to brake.  But the view was worth stopping for.

This area of the St Lawrence river is tidal and with the ice flow moving downstream all sorts of colours and lines were there.  Hopefully some inspiration for another quilt.

We spent 2 nights at La Grande Maison in Baie St Paul and had great meals there and also at the restaurant 51.  The town is very charming and full of art shops and statues honoring artists from the area. Definitely want to go back in the summer.